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Retiree Gamers


More and more families and friends are connecting with each other by playing cooperative or competitive games on internet enabled game consoles. It is very simple for grand parents to pick up and play cooperative online games with their grandchildren.

The modern game consoles have a variety of games to enjoy are a great way for retirees to keep fit while having fun. Retirees of all skill levels can play games, make new friends, compete or team up with retired players from around the world.



We can enable any of the latest game machines at your home. Retirement villages can benefit from group activities and multple user accounts on one machines.

2.Set Up


We will help you purchase everything you need to get started and start playing fun games with other people from around the world. We will help you choose your game console and select the most suitable peripherals! We will connect your console to your TV and audio equipment and calibrate your consoles video camera.

3. Training


Learn the basics in an informal fun training session. We provide console training for individuals and groups. Our friendly trainers will teach you how to play with practical stress free sessions. Training for elderly players is a good way to be confident to use the console as good as any 13 year old does. You will quickly master the controls and be up and playing in your first session .